Session Location

Due to the intimate nature of boudoir sessions, all sessions, unless stated specifically in the session description, will occur at our studio in Lucedale, MS. Depending on the session description, sessions will either be held inside the home studio room, the detached studio or outdoor on our private property.


We do not photograph clients with their personal pets or any other animals. We feel that this will confuse and distract from the true intention of an intimate, boudoir session. Yes, this does include snakes.  Snakes, even the toy, plastic, stuffed, prop or even digital types, are strictly NOT ALLOWED in our sessions (other than tattoos). We do reserve the right to shoot around the tattooed area, if deemed necessary by the photographer. This is a personal phobia and is absolutely non-negotiable. Presence of a snake of any shape, form or kind will cause the session to be terminated without refund or recourse.


We understand the need to feel safe, especially during a boudoir session. We allow for a friend or relative to come with you during your session, however, we do not allow your guest into the room in which we are shooting your session. We have found that having guests in the session room can disrupt the mood we are trying to achieve, distract our client, and sometimes can cause the client to second guess her images before we can even create them.

During all sessions, we will have a person at our location to safeguard the client and myself. He will not be in the session room during the session.

Right to Refuse

We reserve the right to refuse service to any potential client.


Due to the personal and intimate nature of boudoir sessions, children of any age are not allowed during your session or during the viewing of your images.

Sessions and Orders

All sessions have a session reservation fee. This fee holds your appointment on our calendar. If you booked a session with makeup and hair styling, part of your session reservation fee will be to book the makeup/hair stylist(s). This fee is non-refundable under any circumstances.

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